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We are here to help as we can but want to make it very clear that as Naturopathic Doctors we do not treat COVID-19 and there are no medicines (natural or pharmaceutical) that have been proven to treat or to reduce your risk of getting COVID-19 at this time.

Please use the following links to book with your Wild Heart practitioner:

Naturopathic Doctors 

Dr. Ashley Romanchuk, ND : Online booking

Dr. Patricia Breckon, ND: Online booking

Osteopathic Practitioners

Lynette Hanson, D.O.M.P.: Online booking

Amanda Mori: Online booking


Patti-Ann Krywulak, R.Ac.: Online booking

Becca Thomas, R. Ac.: Online booking

Integrative Clinical Nutritionists 

Julia Mitchell, Nutritionist: Online booking

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Karen Walker, Counsellor: Online Booking


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