Acupuncture Therapy Price

Appontment TypeSession TimeAdults(18+)Adolescents(12-18)Children(upto 11)
Acupuncture Initial Visit90 Min$115$115$115
Acupuncture Follow-up Visit60 Min$95$75$75
Acupuncture Follow-up Visit90 Min$115

Types of Acupuncture Therapies


Tuina is a form of Chinese Massage.  It is interpreted as “Push and Hold” and involves the use of many different techniques to solve muscle skeletal, tendon and joint issues.  It is less of a relaxation massage and more of a therapeutic modality. 

Fire Cupping

Fire cupping involves placing a flame into a glass cup in order to create a vacuum. The cup is then placed on the skin where it acts on the tissues of the body and, depending on the therapeutic intention, it can be used for decreasing pain, relaxing the tissues of the body, promoting lymph flow, increasing circulation and removing pathogens.  In Chinese Medicine it is believed that the source of many issues stems from stagnation in the body due to a variety of different factors – from emotions to the weather.  Cupping helps pull out the toxins in the body and allows for blood flow to circulate with ease and harmonize the body.

The marks of the cups are called “cupping marks” and resemble large circular bruises that can range from light pink to purple/black.  The more trauma/stagnation/toxins there are in the body, the darker the colors tend to be and the longer the marks will stay. 
The marks are painless and generally last from 3 days to a week, however can last longer depending on the condition of the individual.

Gua sha

Gua sha is an traditional Chinese Medicine technique that helps increase circulation and is used to break up stagnation of blood in areas of discomfort. 

Gua means “rub” or “scrape” and sha refers to a reddish rash that this technique leaves behind.  Gua sha is performed by rubbing the skin with a liniment and then rubbing or scraping the skin with a smooth-edged tool.  The “rash” that gua sha leaves behind can vary in color and gives clues to what is going on in the body and areas of disease and trauma.  The “rash” left by gua sha can sometimes seem alarming to someone new to
this technique, however the marks usually fade in 3-5 days. It is often used for pain, but is very effective in use of asthma, colds & flus and fibromyalgia.

Moxa Smokeless

Moxibustion is an ancient therapy practiced along side of acupuncture.  It involves burning the herb Mugwart on acupuncture points or areas located on the body.  Mugwart can burn at 600 degrees Celsius and the heat penetrates the body creating a healing cascade of reactions.  Because of the smoke the moxa creates, we do not use the actual herb. 

Instead we use an electronic version that heats up very quickly.  Moxa is useful for  arthritic conditions, frozen shoulder, menstrual disorders, chronic diseases and more.