Dr. Ashley Romanchuk, ND

Dr. Ashley Romanchuk is the Owner and Medical Director of Wildheart Therapies.  Dr. Romanchuk is the primary physician at Wildheart Therapies and is happy to serve the needs of all ages and conditions.

Patti-Ann Krywulak, R.Ac.

Patti-Ann Krywulak, R.Ac.

Patti-Ann is a BC Registered Acupuncturist

Jennifer Schwientek, MA

Clinical Counselor – Certified Healing Coach – Certified Kambo practitioner

Jennifer works with heart and soul in the service of healing. She is deeply passionate about her calling and is always there to support you when needed. With her, expertise and passion come together, which are essential on the journey to overall health. Healing is a process that does not happen overnight but requires intensive guidance and perseverance.

Emily Wadler

Emily is a Plant-Based Nutrition Coach, Certified Yoga teacher

Lynette Hanson, Osteopath

Lynette Hanson, D.O.M.P.

Lynette is a BC registered Osteopathic Practitioner. Lynette is no longer accepting new patients at this time.

Amanda Mori, Osteopath

Amanda Mori

Amanda is a BC registered Osteopathic Practitioner.