April News – What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is the lineage of medical support in
Canada where a Naturopathic Doctor/Physician (ND or NP)
provides medical support to their patient via individualized and
complete medical intakes. This includes medical questions
and medical history, diagnostics -including a variety of
laboratory diagnostics, and then treatment. Treatment includes
advanced nutrition knowledge, botanical medicine tinctures,
teas and foods, neutraceuticals/health supplements,
acupuncture, homeopathy, massage techniques, exercise
rehabilitation, detoxification techniques, spinal and joint
manipulations, minor surgery, and most ND’s also carried their
pharmaceutical license. The motto of any naturopathic
the doctor is to do no harm. If we have to put you on a
pharmaceutical, it is always going to be the lowest dosage
for your particular need and with intention of a short amount of
time. To a naturopathic doctor: health is freedom -freedom
from disease and medication. A lot of our work is also
helping get people off of pharmaceutical- dependency and
into a healthier state. Additionally, we address all the other
aspects of pharmaceutical medications such as nutrient
depletion and extra monitoring to make sure you stay as
healthy as possible.

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